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wild forest tea | picker's pocket

wild forest tea | picker's pocket

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The story of Wild Forest -

'I have two passions in life. Nature and tea. I started as a tea planter. I worked every day, learning new ways to grow tea in tune with nature. And then five years ago, my wife & I bought a 150 year old abandoned tea plantation. I called it Forest Hill.

Everything we do is working with nature, not against it. And the wild tea we produce here is the best expression of the nature it grows within. My wife & I are proud to share out with you.' - Buddika, Forest Hill

Plucked from tree tops with bamboo ladders, this full leaf tea has a more subtle flavour profile than our broken leaf teas. We think you can taste the nature!!

Best enjoyed without milk.


25g | 12 serves

Ingredients - wild black Ceylon tea

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