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pistachio + ruby chocolate egg | house of chocolate

pistachio + ruby chocolate egg | house of chocolate

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Dive into the exquisite experience of our hand-poured Ruby White Chocolate Egg  – a celebration of sweet and fruity flavours.

Encased in a delicate shell of luscious ruby white chocolate, each egg is adorned with a coating of finely chopped pistachio crumb, creating a delightful texture in every bite. As you indulge, discover a treasure trove of indulgence within: creamy white chocolate infused with vibrant cherry, encapsulating each delectable pistachio.

Hand-rolled in vibrant, chopped pistachios, this opulent creation is sure to delight this Easter. Share the magic of Easter with a gift that is as lovely on the outside as the delights within. 

Product weight: 100g

Box dimensions: 90x100x90mm

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