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exfoliating glove | nextann

exfoliating glove | nextann

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The eco fabric exfoliating glove is a biodegradable glove made from plant viscose. Perfect for the removal of dead skin cells, preventing the occurrence of ingrown hairs, and bringing radiance to the skin’s surface. This exfoliating glove improves circulation and aids in lymphatic flow by creating erythema or a slight pinkness to the skins surface. 

The gentle exfoliating eco-friendly materials are the ideal solution to creating a silky, smooth base for your next application of Serum Tan Mist. Gently abrasive to be used 2-3x weekly.



This Exfoliating Glove works best on damp skin. With no added soap necessary, simply massage the glove into the skin using gentle pressure and circular motions.  

Note that the skin may become pink during use, this is simply what is aiding lymphatic flow and the detoxifying process.  

Do not use this product more than three times per week to avoid over-exfoliating the skin.

Replace your Exfoliating Glove every 8-12 weeks for hygiene. The glove may also start to weaken after 12 weeks of use due to the feature of the biodegradable fabric. For best results, replace as recommended.

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