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barrier rx body + hand butter | 250ml | sans ceuticals

barrier rx body + hand butter | 250ml | sans ceuticals

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5% OceanDerMX® | Ceramides | 3% Niacinamide | Fermented Oat Prebiotics | Medical-Grade Mānuka Honey | Kawakawa

An unscented, non-steroidal cream with medical-grade mānuka honey, kawakawa extract and fermented oat prebiotics to soothe, heal and deeply hydrate sensitive skin. This combination of gold-standard actives delivers a four-pronged approach to skin repair:

+ Soothe inflammation
+ Support barrier repair
+ Aid microbiome recovery
+ Boost moisture levels to prevent flare-ups

Formulated for

+ All skin types
+ Dry skin
+ Dermatitis & eczema: Individuals with atopic skin conditions are unable to produce adequate amounts of ceramides causing inflammation, dryness and irritation.

For best results, apply to dry skin after showering. Use as part of your evening ritual for optimum hydration.

Sans [ceuticals] is a Toitū Climate Positive Organisation. Made in New Zealand without unnecessary or harmful ingredients.

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