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colander | brass handle | ottinetti

colander | brass handle | ottinetti

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Ottinetti Cookware is unique and stylish combining the optimal cooking properties of aluminium with the beauty of brass.  It sits alone in the market as a traditional, handcrafted product designed to last. There is no plastic or ceramic surface that might wear off or become damaged.

The bowl shaped base of these classic colanders are perfect for draining hot pasta or vegetables as the water does not pool in the bottom.


Some dulling or darkening of the interior will occur with use. This is normal oxidisation.

Aluminium is not dishwasher safe. Please wash by hand in hot water using a detergent of choice.

Where-as it is perfectly safe to cook acidic foods in aluminium pots and pans please do not store acidic foods in them. The acid may cause pitting of the aluminium and result in the food tasting slightly metallic. NB: It may hurt the pot but it won’t hurt you.

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