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salted toffee apple | tippl

salted toffee apple | tippl

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Winter Limited Edition, Salted Toffee Apple. It's Sunday afternoon, raining outside, the fire's going, feet up - you have your favourite book in one hand and a Tippl Salted Toffee Apple in the other. Perfected to be to drunk warm with brandy and cider (or zero alc cider for booze free) it's rich and full caramelly appley goodness is lifted by a touch of lemon and ginger and rounded out with a hint of salt.

INGREDIENTS: Apple slices, Apple rounds, Lemon, Ginger, Toasted Sugar

TRY YOUR TIPPL WITH: Soak in Brandy then warm in a saucepan with your favourite cider and apple juice. Or for an alcohol free version soak in boiling water until infused then warm in a saucepan with zero alcohol cider and apple juice. Add a splash of fresh lemon juice and a shake of salt to give it a little lift.

Your Tippl includes one infusion jar, alcohol not included. Produces 8 servings

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