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salt & pepper grinders | ash carbon & walnut | menu

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The Norm salt and pepper grinders set by MENU are designed to intrigue your senses and leave you curious - built for high performance with a powerful expression and a shape that shares DNA with the silhouette of a water bottle. It leaves a powerful first impression due to the sheer size and intensity. An upside-down design ensures that neither salt nor pepper sprinkles out when not in use - only when you are grinding. This way those pesky stray bits are not left on the table. 

Clever and easy filling system. This ceramic grinder system mills salt and pepper as well as large spices. Adjust coarseness by turning the knob. No waste. To avoid any screeching sounds whilst grinding please always make sure that the grinder is properly cleaned (using warm water) and dried before pouring new salt/pepper into the container.

Materials: plastic, ceramic & wood

Size: 20cm tall