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native bush blend honey | mangawhai honey

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Bursting with flora and fauna, this delightfully sweet bush blend is a winner for all. Spoon straight from the glass jar, sweeten drinks, or smear it thick – at this price point, why hold back. Crafted by Mangawhai’s favourite beekeeper, Louis. 


Louis’ family have been nurturing their land in Mangawhai since 1947, when his grandfather purchased a large block of local land. The family continues to live there today in this special corner of the world.

Manuka scrub is flourishing on the land where the hives are hard at work. 

Louis believes the secret to premium honey is caring for your craft and environment. At the heart of his business are responsible practices. Minimal hives are found on each Mānuka block, allowing plenty of space for the bees to thrive. Each Spring, Louis is doing his bit to support an eco-system, planting Mānuka, Kānuka, Harakeke and Tī Kouka. A family-owned sawmill onsite ensures the hives can be built from recycled, untreated timber in the future.

From 2019 onwards, all honey will be sold in glass jars - a further step in the sustainable journey!

From the land to the hand, Mangawhai Honey is a sweet-tasting, healthy treasure. Enjoy.