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french market basket | leather handle

french market basket | leather handle

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Help rid the world of plastic shopping bags!

Genuine French market baskets from Morocco, where they have been made for generations... Basket making is one of the oldest art forms and ancient civilisations produced baskets as containers for the gathering, storing, drying and transporting of food and other things. Traces of baskets have even been found in the pyramids of Egypt.. 

These are the ultimate sustainable s hopping bag. Farmers in the Atlas Mountains produce the bags as a form of secondary income during the winter months. Using traditional methods, they weave strips from fallen palm fronds, which are then sewn together in ‘rounds’ (the more rounds, the larger the bag). Each one, which takes up to eight hours to weave, depending on the size, is unique – no two are quite the same. They are then transported to Fez or Marrakesh where they are fitted with sturdy leather handles from goat or cow (a by-product of the meat industry). These are both riveted and stitched to ensure they won’t ever detach.
Lightweight and strong, the larger baskets are ideal for supermarket (goes straight from trolley to boot) or farmer’s market shopping, as a beach or pool bag, a weekender or washing basket. They also make perfect picnic hampers. The small and baby baskets make lovely gift hampers or storage baskets at home – for toys, vegetables, knitting or magazines.

They make a perfect present – in their own right or filled with treasures. They are both elegant and rustic – after all they are an essential accessory for every Parisian woman.


X LARGE 58 x 40 x 35

LARGE 49 x 29 x 27

MEDIUM 48 x 25 x 26

BABY 38 x 20 x 20


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