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ever concentrate multi purpose cleaner | mandarin + basil | everdaily

ever concentrate multi purpose cleaner | mandarin + basil | everdaily

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Everydaily's 1 litre Ever Concentrate is a multi-tasking cleaning hero. Mixed with tap water, one bottle of concentrate will give you:

- 3 bottles of multi-purpose spray

- 2 bottles of bathroom cleaner

- 2 bottles of glass cleaner

- 20 sinks worth of dishwashing liquid

- 20 loads worth of laundry detergent

The Ever Concentrate is easily mixed at different dilutions to clean it all: kitchen, bathroom, windows, dishes, and even dirty laundry. Refill at home, just add water. Each bottle of Ever Concentrate comes with a regular lid and a pump insert so you can use it how you prefer.

- Non-toxic and biodegradable

- Plant and mineral based

- No artificial colours

- Preservative free

Team up your Ever Concentrate with Everdaily's custom spray bottles that include guideline markings, or use bottles you already have.


Made in New Zealand.

The bottle measures 20cm high x 11cm wide x 5.5cm deep.

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