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drunk'n donuts | baron hasselhoff's

drunk'n donuts | baron hasselhoff's

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We've all committed the odd fashion crime. But did you know you can actually go to jail for wearing too much gold lamé?

The Baron found that out the hard way – and was locked up for life.

To escape, he distracted the guards from their sugary, cinnamony afternoon donuts and spiked them with contraband rum. They knocked the guards out cold, and soon The Baron was free.

To celebrate, he recreated the flavour in chocolate.
It’s so good it should be illegal. Consume responsibly.


65% CACAO CONTENT INGREDIENTS: Cacao (Direct Trade, Solomon Islands), Organic Raw Sugar, Cacao Butter, Donuts (Flour, Sugar, Free Range Eggs, Milk, Water,
Butter, Yeast, Cinnamon, Vanilla Extract, Salt), Rum, Cinnamon.

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