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daily diary 2024 | stripe marine blue | father rabbit

daily diary 2024 | stripe marine blue | father rabbit

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Father Rabbit is most fond of writing lists. He's good at keeping track of his life commitments and important dates because he writes them down in his notebook. He is especially fond of his new 2024 Deckchair design with black and white stripes.

Within the diary, you'll find ample space for jotting down your daily schedules, to-do lists, and reflections. The pages allow you to organise your thoughts and plans with ease. Whether you're a busy professional, a student, or simply someone seeking to stay on top of their commitments, this diary provides the ideal canvas to manage your time and stay productive.

With the 2024 Diary in your hands, you hold the key to a year filled with possibility, growth, and organization. So, get ready to embark on a new journey, document your memories, and turn your aspirations into realities with the 2024 Diary.

A5 Hardcover, day per page diary featuring:
- Weekly To-Do lists
- Monthly double page planner
- To do lists: Read, Watch, Buy, Listen, Do, Make
- Lie flat cover
- Ribbon marker

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