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enamel bona drip kettle | hario

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Part of a tidy new range of enamelware from Hario Japan, this stunning drip kettle is compatible with all oven types. The kettle features bright white enamel outside, with a deep speckled blue interior with teak wood accents. The perfect addition to your morning ritual.


The stainless steel Buono Kettle by Hario of Japan is the preferred water pourer for devices like the Chemex coffee maker. The secret to its popularity is the kettle’s unusually shaped spout; it’s long neck and narrow opening allows precise control of the flow of water over your coffee grounds. Why does this matter? Pour-over methods require grounds to be pre-wet (to "bloom") before brewing - usually requiring 30-50mls of water - using the Buono allows that level of detail to be achieved. The Buono Kettle is must for those who love to use Chemex!


Full capacity 1400ml / Practical capacity of 800ml


With the Buono for your Chemex, the whole process of coffee making develops a sense of serenity. It really is an event slowly unfolding. Take the time. Enjoy!