18 cm diameter saucepan with 2 brass handles. 

Lid available separately. 

Made in Italy since 1920 Ottinetti Cookware is unique and stylish combining the optimal cooking properties of aluminium with the beauty of brass. It sits alone in the market as a traditional, handcrafted product designed to last. 

Aluminium is the best conductor of heat after copper but considerably less expensive than copper. This means it heats up fast and cools down quickly giving the cook great control. 

Ottinetti can be used on the stove top or in the oven. 


Care notes: 
Some dulling or darkening of the interior will occur with use. This is normal oxidisation. 

Aluminium is not dishwasher safe. Please wash by hand in hot water using a detergent of choice.
Where-as it is perfectly safe to cook acidic foods in aluminium pots and pans please do not store acidic foods in them. The acid may cause pitting of the aluminium and result in the food tasting slightly metallic. NB: It may hurt the pot but it won’t hurt you.