capsule wardrobe and declutter + free download

Well here we are in lockdown again, staying home in our bubbles to do our bit for keeping our country safe. 
One thing I like to do at the change of seasons, or whenever I have a day or so at home is to declutter spaces which have accumulated 'stuff' whilst I have been busy. We all have the time at the moment while being at home so I thought I would share my process for you as well as helping anyone out who may be a little intimidated by the capsule wardrobe method.  
At the Gathered Home I have been using the capsule wardrobe system for a few years now but still love the process of sorting, decluttering and reorganising our clothes for the season ahead.  I have learnt over the years that having a set number of items or a limit on the contents of my wardrobe doesn't work well for me, rather I like to think more mindfully about the items I do keep and make sure I am getting the most wear out of each piece. 
If you have been thinking about starting a capsule wardrobe or want some tips on how to organise your clothes then this is for you!
We have developed a simple step by step checklist to help you minimise and organise your wardrobe. 
Download here.
Let us know if you use our checklist, we love seeing how you incorporate your Gathered goods into your homes. Tag us @gatheredstore. 
capsule wardrobe and declutter + free download