the gathered home | part two

the gathered home | part two

the purchase of our section meant we could start looking at design options for our home. 

we started by both writing a list of our non-negotiable features and desires for our family. these included things like the number of bedrooms, whether or not we needed a bath or a home office, and a few design features which (mostly I) wanted included in the design. 

we came up with a fairly short list;

- we needed 3 bedrooms and a small home office as we both often work from home in the evenings

- open plan living/dining/kitchen to maximise family and entertainment spaces, preferably with a raked (gable) ceiling

- great amount of storage, the best tip for keeping your home organised!

- internal garage

both david and I liked the barn style homes that we had seen on our travels and wanted to incorporate a gabled roof into our design. a simple rectangular floor plan fitted well with this aesthetic as well as maximising the space on our section. to create visual contrast the garage, which is street facing, we have designed with a monopitch roof and a different cladding. 

we spent a long time looking at inspiration images on instagram and pinterest and narrowing down the overall look of our exterior. its so helpful to see different cladding options in situ rather than just from samples and we ended up with just 5 images which we took to our builders to confirm the designs.

our floor plan was finalised just before we went into lockdown here in aotearoa. which gave us a few months with no pressure to think about the interior design.


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