I recently saw an Instagram post from a fellow retailer discussing the impact of seasonal collections on the way our little businesses run and the effect this can have on us as people. People who are genuinely trying to share the things that they know and love with the world.

The tendency to always try and be ahead of the game, to order stock sometimes two seasons in advance and to keep up with the trends which are currently doing the rounds can have a profound affect. Not only on our little business babies but on us

I felt it was a brave statement from her to actively try and slow down her purchasing of new season stock, just because it was the new fashionable thing, and return to sourcing the things that she loved. The things that she herself used in her home, on herself, for her children. 

I stand by this stance and, at Gathered, this is why we can talk your ears off about the knives or the linen sheets or wooden toys which we have here. Because we love them. We want to share them.


Just some Tuesday night thoughts,

A xxx

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